The weather in Wisconsin is always changing, here's how to make sure you're ready for it.

Do You Require Immediate CDJR Tire Service?

Take care of your tires, if you want your help your vehicle to perform both well and safely. Tires suffer from age, wear and tear, and other troubles. Colby Chrysler Inc in Colby, WI has a service department capable of examining the tires and making any recommendations. Of course, our team is also available to perform the necessary work.

When Do You Get an Inspection?

Drivers can request a tire inspection at any time. If something seems wrong, call our service department to bring the vehicle in for an examination. If the tire suffers a flat, we're here to help you replace it.

Tire Rotation Time

Every six months, it becomes necessary to rotate the tires to keep wear from occurring unevenly. Not only does our team perform rotations, but they will also inspect the tires. Inspections include looking for leaks, checking the air pressure (psi), examining the tire's condition, and measuring the treads.

You can request a tire inspection when getting an oil change. A service technician could perform many of the same tasks done when rotating the tires.

Replacing the Old Tires

Damaged or old tires require replacing. Our Colby, WI team could help you select the proper new tires for the vehicle. A technician could then install the new tires and balance them. Ask about upgrading to a better spare tire when buying four new ones. Maybe you should purchase five.

Switching Out Seasonal Tires

Summer and winter bring with them different road conditions around Abbotsford and Marshfield, WI. Why not consider purchasing snow or summer tires? All-season tires remain an option, too. Our representatives will help you select the best seasonal tires.

Schedudle a Service Appointment Today!

Do you need new tires or want service performed on the tires currently on your car? Set up an appointment at our service department right away. Our service department is here for Owen or Medford, WI customer right now.

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