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Keeping a car in good shape involves staying on top of suggested maintenance. Maintenance doesn’t always focus on major repairs or bodywork, either. Oil and filter changes do a lot to keep a vehicle operating well. Colby Chrysler Center Inc is available to help Colby area drivers request that essential oil changes when due.

Why is Fresh Oil So Essential?

Oil lubricates the many different components inside a Marshfield owner’s car. When the fluid gets old, don’t expect the oil to do its job as effectively. The vehicle’s fuel economy might suffer, and other problems could arise when oil loses viscosity. And who wants engine oil sludge building up inside the engine?

Age and Mileage Wear Down the Fluid

Oil older than six months usually requires a change, and so does oil that reaches the manufacturer’s suggested mileage point for a change. In the past, 3,000 miles represented the suggested oil change point. Today, 5,000 or 6,000 miles might be fine. Some high-end engines may use the same oil for 10,000 miles. Check the vehicle’s owner’s manual for what the manufacturer recommends. And maybe book an appointment at our service station before reaching the maximum mileage point rather than after it.

Choosing the Appropriate Replacement Oil

Not all motor oil is the same, and Owen drivers may not know what oil to use. High-mileage oil might be better for some engines, and then the temperature factors into whether to choose high or low-viscosity oil. Do you wish to go with conventional oil, synthetic, or a blend? An experienced technician could make a recommendation.

A Chance for an Inspection

Oil changes also afford a chance to perform a multi-point inspection and other regular services, such as tire rotations and wheel alignments. Whether you’re in Abbotsford or Medford, contact Colby Chrysler Center to book an appointment for oil changes and more.

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