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So, you’re through with the toughest part of the vehicle buying process (finding the vehicle you want), and now you’re on to the finance side of things. Does just the word finance bring chills to your spine? Fear not, Abbotsford, Medford, Marshfield and Owen drivers, the Colby Chrysler Center finance team is ready to help! Our team of in-house finance experts will work with Colby drivers to find a cash payment that fits within your unique needs. Here at Colby Chrysler Center, our finance team is well connected to a vast lending network that helps to ensure that Spencer, Marshfield, Abbotsford, and Wausau drivers can land a fair finance deal.

Choose Between Affordable Auto Leases and Car Loans at Colby Chrysler Center

One of the first aspects of auto financing drivers from the Spencer, Marshfield, Abbotsford, and Wausau areas should decide on is whether a loan or lease work best for them. There’s no right answer, but one financing option may work better than the other in terms of your preferences. A lease is a great way to enjoy the latest features of a Ram, Jeep, Dodge or Chrysler while keeping monthly payments low. A loan is a favorite for many near Colby since there are no monthly payments after paying off the loan. Either way, our finance team helps discover affordable rates so that you find the best fit.

Take the Guesswork Out of Vehicle Financing with Colby Chrysler Center

Browse the collections of available new and used models here at Colby Chrysler Center. When you’re ready to start the test drive and financing phase of your journey, visit us in Colby. We look forward to helping you tailor your perfect payment plan and making the entire process painless and easier to understand. You can even get started online, before you even stop in, by filling out your application paperwork ahead of time using the convenient tools on our website. Fill it out soon and let’s get started on your path towards a new vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

This important choice comes down to your monthly budget and how you expect to use your vehicle. Leasing typically comes with a lower monthly payment than a traditional loan, but there are restrictions on mileage and customization. On the other hand, a loan may be associated with a higher payment but you will be building equity and will spend less over the life of the vehicle.

We will work with you to craft the deal that works for your budget. Most loan terms will fall between 48-72 months, with longer financing terms resulting in lower payments.

We’ve worked with countless customers with all kinds of credit to help them discover their financing options.

In most cases, we can offer financing with no down payment. We can also roll taxes, registration, and fees into the financing deal if that works best for you.

The financing process at Colby Chrysler Center is simple and easy. Customers can save time and hassle by getting pre-approved online.

We are flexible, meaning regardless of your financial situation we will work with you to get you in the car of your dreams!

Not necessarily, it won’t hurt you but only benefit you with better loan terms, if your co-signer has a good credit or financial history.

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